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Local family stays in touch with firefighters who delivered baby

Posted: March 17, 2017

by Abigail Dachille


Christmas day in 2015 started like any other for one Brecksville family, but a turn of events made it a day they will never forget, complete with a new baby and new friends.


On the morning of Dec. 25, 2015, Stacey Hricko, who was nine months pregnant, her husband, Matt, and their daughter, Gianna, opened gifts, ate breakfast and took a hike in the park. Upon waking from an afternoon nap, Stacey had an intense contraction. The contractions quickly escalated, and it became clear that the baby was coming sooner rather than later, so Matt called an ambulance.


The ambulance arrived with members of the Brecksville Fire Department. En route to the nearest hospital, it was determined that Stacey was going to give birth before they completed the trip. The ambulance traveled about nine miles before pulling into a store parking lot so the team of firefighters could deliver the baby.


“I will never forget Jeremy [Parkhurst], who held my hand,” Stacey said. “I was beyond terrified, and he told me I can do this and to squeeze his hand.”


Soon after, Logan James Hricko was born in the ambulance.


Stacey said she feels an overwhelming connection with the firefighters who surrounded her during that moment. 


“The team remained incredibly calm in a situation where stakes were high and uncertain,” she said.


The Hrickos have remained in touch with the four first responders who helped deliver their baby boy. They delivered donuts and homemade cookies to the group working on Christmas, and they often see the ambulance in which Logan was born, because the department placed a blue stork sticker on it.


Most recently, the firefighters were invited to Logan’s first birthday party on Jan. 21, which had a rescue vehicle theme. Lt. Patrick Coleman, who delivered Logan, and his wife attended. Coleman brought a birthday card signed by the other fire department members who were present during the delivery: Parkhurst, Bruce Gordon and Matt Sternad.


“I have always known firefighters are heroes, but I have a whole new respect for them,” said Stacey. 


She described Coleman as “a true angel.”


“Our family will forever have a connection to the heroes of the Brecksville Fire Department,” she said.

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