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Sept. 23: Jim Kirby birthday party

Posted: August 30, 2017

Join the Friends of Crowell Hilaka in celebrating the 133rd birthday of inventor James (Jim) Blaine Kirby on Saturday, Sept. 23, from 2-5 p.m., in Gund Hall and the surrounding area at Richfield Heritage Preserve, 4374 Broadview Rd., Richfield. This family-friendly event is free to all. Come for the cupcakes and stay for the hiking, games, inflatables, pony rides, science and fun. Attendees are asked to consider making a donation to benefit FoCH, a 501(c)(3), which supports the Richfield Heritage Preserve.


In 1919, Kirby bought the Raymond Oviatt farm in West Richfield. Kirby already had a connection to Richfield as his mother was Sylvia Bigelow, a great-granddaughter of Richfield pioneers John and Lydia Bigelow. Kirby was a prolific inventor dedicated to “eliminating the drudgery of housework” and eventually amassed more than 150 patents, most involving laundry machines or vacuum cleaners. In 1937 he sold his estate to the Cleveland Girl Scouts who turned it into a camp.


For further information, check the Friends of Crowell Hilaka website at or call 216-299-1051.

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