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Carter-Pedigo turns into Enchanted Story Land Forest

Posted: August 31, 2017

The Carter-Pedigo trail was transformed into the Enchanted Story Land Forest on Aug. 1, as 15 different fairy tales were staged for a scavenger hunt.


One hundred eighty-eight kids and  parents encountered the Big Bad Wolf, ran away from a witch, outsmarted a troll and dodged a giant. They read segments from fairy tales to receive clues about what they were to find, such as Cinderella’s slipper.


There was enough work in brainstorming, fabricating, assembling and setting up the displays for an army of volunteers, yet almost all of the creating and heavy lifting was done by Diane Nagy, the children’s librarian at the Richfield branch of the library. 


”I was doing my fairy tale walk along the [Carter-Pedigo] trail last fall and started thinking, “Everything (in fairy tales) happens out here in the woods,’’ Nagy said. “It would be fun to have a scavenger hunt in the woods based on the fairy tales.’’ 


She enlisted her father to help make two fairy tale houses, and then Nagy went to work making the characters come to life.


“I did the sewing for all 15 characters, which were made out of felt,’’ she said. “They’re made sort of puppet style. I started at the end of March and finished at the end of July. My original thought was to make 10 characters, but the number grew a little bit.’’


The sewing machine is not some exotic appliance to Nagy. “I’ve been sewing for a lot of years,’’ she said. “I can sew anything if I have a pattern. But with this, I had to make my own patterns.’’


After the characters were completed, it was time to place them along the trail. 


“Christina Turner (a public service assistant) helped create the story boards and made a banner. Then she helped stage everything,’’ Nagy said. 


The event was deemed such a success; there will be another next year.


“We got a lot of positive feedback,’’ Nagy said. “People still come in the library and talk about how much fun it was.’’


For those who want to see for themselves, type “Richfield library enchanted forest’’ on YouTube to get a feel for the way it was. 


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