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Brecksville Doughnuts & Coffee Shoppe closes after 34 years

Posted: December 19, 2017

by John Benson


When the owners of Brecksville Doughnuts & Coffee Shoppe, brothers Glenn and Danny Cech, closed their Chippewa Road store in November, after more than three decades of serving coffee and donuts, a collective – and sugary – tear fell in the community.


“Hey, let me tell you, do you know how much I cried?” said Glenn, who lives in Brecksville. “After 34 years and all of those people and how nice they are, I’m going to get teary now just thinking about it.”


Retirement talk between the siblings got louder in recent years. Glenn had a hip replacement this fall, and Brecksville salon Bella Toccarre’s Jeanne McCarthy-Caparso and her husband, Frank Caparso, expressed interest in bringing their Joe Maxx Coffee Company chain to Brecksville. The timing just seemed right. 


“We looked at a few other properties in the area, but really honed in quickly on the Brecksville Doughnuts & Coffee Shoppe property,” McCarthy-Caparso said. “The design of the building genuinely has a true retro feel.”


Formerly the location of Bud’s Cup & Saucer and The Missile Burgers, Brecksville Doughnuts & Coffee Shoppe became a staple in Brecksville, staving off competition from Starbucks.


“I made the doughnuts, and my brother made the muffins,” Glenn said. “We just made a good product. We weren’t chintzy; that’s why people liked them.” 


Mayor Jerry Hruby said the local venue held a special place in many residents’ hearts. 


“It became a meeting place,” Hruby said. “When I was first running for mayor in 1987, I gained much support from the patrons. It was a good place to meet and talk about the campaign. On election days, the staff wore ‘Hruby for Mayor’ pins and hats. I’ll never forget their kindness.” 


Local television crews often visited the shop, looking to get the pulse of the public on issues of the day. Glenn said he vividly remembers a news crew interviewing patrons in 1995 when the verdict was announced in the O.J. Simpson trial. 


Glenn and his brother watched countless customers grow from children to adults. One moved to California and instructed his mother to bring a dozen of their doughnuts west when visiting. 


“We had a good product and good people behind the counter,” Glenn said. “It was like a stage out in front of us. People would come in, and we’d talk to them and joke. They talked about everything from A to Z. It was just a fun place.”


So, now that Brecksville Doughnuts & Coffee Shoppe has closed its doors, where will Glenn get his doughnuts? 


“Locally, I’ll go to Jack Frost [in Old Brooklyn] and Royal Donut [in Parma],” Glenn said. “There’s nothing around here. It’s too labor intensive. Nobody wants to make them anymore.”


Glenn and his brother may want to visit Joe Maxx Coffee Company when it opens in the spring. In addition to serving coffee, the shop will have espresso drinks, pastries, cookies, breakfast sandwiches and freshly made doughnuts using the Cechs’ recipe.


McCarthy-Caparso said, “Since we announced we purchased the business, everyone who hears the news is so excited we are keeping the doughnuts.”


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